nurturing yoga for mums and babies with Amelie Cresswell


About booking classes


Can I attend just one class / on a drop-in basis?

Classes are run in terms of weekly classes (generally 6-week terms), and therefore do not operate on a drop-in basis. Depending on availabillty, it is sometimes possible to attend a class as a taster session, please contact me for more details.


How do I book a space onto a block of classes?

You can now book all classes through the GoPlayGo app/website, by clicking the BOOK button on the class page. Alternatevily,  simply email me with your choice of class and dates, and I will send you all information on how to book your space. In either case, you will need to fill in an enrolment form, and pay for the classes in full before the class start in order to secure your space.


Can I join a class if a block of classes has already started?

Yes, depending on availability, it may be possible for you to join a course/term that has already started. In this case, the cost of the course will be proportional to the number of classes left in the block. Please email me to check availability.


What if I miss a class?

Unfortunately, I am not able to offer refunds for missed classes.


Do you offer any discounts?

I offer a 10% repeat booking discount for parents and mums-to-be who have attended a course/term of classes and wish to continue for another/new term. I also offer occasional discounts; please sign up to my newsletter not to miss any offers!


How do I book a private session?

Please email me for more information. Price vary depending on the class type and the number of sessions booked.


Can I book classes for someone else / as a gift?

Yes, absolutely! Pregnancy yoga / baby massage /baby yoga class vouchers make wonderful gifts for mums to be and new mums and dads. Please contact me with the classes of your choice and the recipient's name, and I'll issue a gift voucher, to be redeemed within 6 months.



About Baby massage and Mum & Baby yoga


What should my baby wear for baby massage?

Baby massage is generally performed directly onto the skin; so most babies are in their nappies (or fully naked!) in class. You might therefore find it easier to dress your baby in clothes that are easy to put on and off.  In winter, you might want to dress your baby with a vest that they can keep on while we massage other parts of the body, to keep them warm. Baby massage can also be performed over clothes if you prefer.


What should my baby wear for baby yoga?

Please dress your baby in comfortable clothes; yoga is all about exploration and ease of movement!


What if my baby is asleep /needs a feed during class?

Rule number one in my classes is that babies are welcome to be babies: little ones may need to feed, cuddle or sleep at the time of the class;  and that's absolulety fine! In the baby massage class, if your baby is asleep, you will be able to practise the moves and strokes on a doll. 


When can my baby and I start attending the Mum & Baby yoga class?

The class is suitable for babies aged 10 weeks onwards. This might be later if your baby was born prematurely (before 37 weeks gestation); please contact me for more information. As the class equally focuses on babies and mums, you should also have been given the all-clear by your midwife/GP at your post-natal review (generally 6/8 weeks after birth).


My baby just had his/her immunisations. Can I come to class?

Provided they feel well and do not have a temperature, there is no specific contra-indications for babies not to attend baby massage or baby yoga after their immunisations. Please be mindful however that their legs might be sore (where the vaccines were performed) so you might want to avoid massaging/holding this area during class. Please speak to me at the beginning of class so that I can best guide you.


What if my baby is ill?

If your little one is unwell, please do not come to class. For baby massage, we review moves from one week to the next so you will be able to catch up on missed contents. You will also be given a handout for future reference.

You will be able to credit the missed class towards the next block of classes. Unfortunately, I am not able to offer refunds.



Any other question, please email me!