nurturing yoga for mums and babies with Amelie Cresswell

Tummy trouble session


It can be so hard seeing your baby struggling with colic, trapped gas and/or constipation.


Many parents often feel so helpless and disheartened faced with the deep discomfort and uncontrollable crying of their little one. However, massage, gentle touch and yoga-based movements can often provide a much-needed relief in a matter of days.


In this workshop, we will discuss your baby's symptoms and the common causes of colic before moving on to pratical ways to help your baby.


You will learn a Colic Relief routine (blending baby massage and yoga-based movements), massage strokes for the tummy, together with other yoga-based movements and techniques that can help relieve colic/wind/digestive issues.


We will also cover other tips and techniques that can help with colic and excessive crying, including breathing and instant relaxation techniques to help you stay relaxed when faced with your distressed baby.


Suitable for babies from birth up to 12 months old.


The workshop is delivered as a private session in the comfort of your own home.


Cost: £45 for a 60mn session (includes comprehensive handouts for future reference, and a small bottle of oil to massage your baby)

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